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Interview de Lindsey Middleton, l'interprète de Vanessa

Interview by Univers-L team on November 15th, 2010 for

How long have you been acting? Did you have important parts before this webseries?

I have been acting in theatre shows since I was 13 but this is my first webseries/film work.

How did you get Vanessa’s part ? Did you audition for this character? Were the characters pre-defined since the beginning?

I read the audition online one day and went out on a limb and went. When I got the call back I was really excited because I felt really comfortable with Jason the director and the whole crew right away. I really wanted the role of Vanessa. I think Jason had his idea of what he wanted Vanessa to be like and I guess I fit that idea!

What interested you in this character? Is there anything that puts you off about Vanessa?

I just liked that Jason gave me a brief thought of who Vanessa was and let me play with it a lot so I got to make her into what I thought she would be like. Nothing puts me off about Vanessa she’s a teenager going through a tough time. I think there are a lot of people who relate with her but have a tough time admitting it.

Do you have things in common with her or only differences?

I’m most like Vanessa when she is being goofy like in episode 4 at the party! I never had a tough or confusing high school life so I’m lucky in comparison to her.

Vanessa is pain in the ass, don’t you think? As an actress, do you try to make the character nicer?

Hahaha. I was really surprised by the way people have been reacting to Vanessa. I don’t really find her a pain in the ass I just see her as really confused and in a tough situation, she needs to figure out what she wants. Jason and I have been working on making her “more fun” and trying to show people why Rose is in love with her in the first place so hopefully viewers warm up to her a bit more.

Do you think Vanessa is a lesbian but yet cannot accept it, or is she simply heterosexual and questioning herself?

I really don’t know. I’ve talked with Jason a lot about this and it’s really all up in the air still. You will just have to stay tuned!

Would it be possible that Vanessa’s homophobia is the result of her owns doubts?

I think there is a little bit of that but I think more of it comes from her mom.

During the 4th episode, you dance together and one can feel a real chemistry between Rose and Vanessa. Was this scene fun to shoot or tricky because deeply emotional?

This was my favourite episode to film and as a finished product. I had so much fun that day! I got to show Vanessa’s goofy, fun side and dance around for hours! I do enjoy doing the emotional scenes in the series but I like the silly stuff more.

Vanessa’s parents seem rather homophobic. Is there any chance to see Vanessa evolve within her family in futures episodes?

I really hope that there are a lot more episodes to come with Vanessa and her more because I think there are a lot of people in the world that can relate to the tough aspect of your family judging you.

So far, what is your best and worst shooting memory?

My favourite shooting memory was by far the party scene. We hadn’t filmed in a while so it was nice to meet up with everyone and see them all again and a bunch of my friends came out to be extras so it was like a big happy reunion.

My worst shooting memory doesn’t really exist because I always have such a good time on set!

In what direction would you like Vanessa’s future to be explored?

Hmmmmmmm. I’m pretty much open to anything the director wants. I just want to keep filming!

Do you think something could happen between Kenny and Vanessa, or is Kenny in love with Rose?

Hahahaha! This thought has never ever crossed my mind! But it would definitely be interesting!

In the first episode, are the mismatched socks a wish to draw attention or a tribute to Punky Brewster?

Wow I’m surprised you guys noticed that! The socks are actually something that started way back in my audition! I wear mix matched socks everyday and Jason really liked them and wanted Vanessa to be wearing them in the opening episode. We decided it’s like her own little rebellion against the strict ideals of her mother.

Lindsey Middleton

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