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Interview by Buffyfan3927 on September 07, 2009 for

To make the Simone interview possible (Yes the real Simone !! How lucky we are…!), the Univers-L team decided to send to Canada a very very special correspondent. Absolute fan of Buffy, she gave her name to her cat and her birds’ names are Willow and Tara. She watches every week Simone’s show as if her life depends on it. Who’s better than Buffyfan3927 to do that ?

Okay first can you talk to us about your show, CSIS ? (I’m a huge fan of it ! Think you’re doing a great job in it !!). Any link between your show and the famous CSI one ? You know with Sara, Catherine… (Pretty sure those two are playing other scenes off set… if you know what I mean)

SIMONE :  Great! Always great to meet a fan! Well, “CSIS” is the name of the Canadian version of the CIA –  so the show’s not really like CSI…except that we do investigate forensically…the producers would prefer I didn’t talk about the similarities between our show and … other shows.  So my show, CSIS: ForensicSWAT,  is about a elite team of SWAT-trained spies who forensically investigate crime scenes and take down bad guys.  My character, Sarah Bydelle, is new to the team and has a problem with authority thanks to her rough and tumble upbringing on the streets of Ottawa.  But she’s fiercely determined to prove herself and overcome her troubled past.

Aren’t you afraid of becoming a lesbian icon ? It would be a pretty hard thing to deal with…

SIMONE :  Icon? Haha! Well, I’m a shelf full of awards and a successful talk show away from being an icon but if it came my way, I wouldn’t  say no!  It might a risky choice to come out when you’re just starting your career, but I think it’s really important for queer artists to be visible and vocal about the need for equal rights in…excuse me, is that your hand? On my leg?

Do people recognize you in the street ? Do some crazed fans ever try to rip your clothes off ?

SIMONE : Ha ha…so far I’ve been pretty under the radar, you know, still waiting for the show to really drop down into the pop culture pool and create those ripples of recognition. So…no.

You’re always talking about Rebecca. Are you really over your ex ? (if yes, do you think we could date any time ? Soon ?)

SIMONE : Uh….I was told there would be no questions about Rebecca.

Simone which is your star sign ? Do you believe in those astral things ? (No matter if you don’t, I do, and can’t wait to do your birth chart, I’m sure we are compatible)

SIMONE : I’m a Virgo. Rebecca was a Gemini, so astrologically speaking, we were doomed from the start. In fact, an old gypsy woman I met on a psychic hotline told me up front it wouldn’t work out, but I was too addicted to Rebecca’s twins by then to care. By “twins”, of course, I mean the Gemini twins…the twins that represent Gemini.

You said in your profile that you like music, good music… What about the Hammer toes song ? Not your type ? (with such deep lyrics I really don’t understand why if you say no)

SIMONE : The Beaverettes’ sound is really … avant garde and it pushes the boundaries of…yeah, my musical tastes are just a little more pedestrian, I’d say.  Embarrassing but true! But I wish them all the best with their upcoming demo EP.

Are you aware that a weird photo of you having an eargasm circulating on the web ??? It’s a pretty intimate thing, how do you deal with that ? (any sex tape available soon ? Want to do like the famous other chicks of LA ?) (By the way, do you think you could sign me that photo ? Just for me !! Pleaaaaaase !!!)

SIMONE :  I actually appreciate the opportunity to talk about that photo…I was young, obviously…well, younger, it was last year…and that photo is just one of many I took for an ad campaign for Q-Tips. Of course, the ads never ran because the photographer did not actually have a contract with Q-Tips – he actually conned several young women into posing with Q-Tips and then sold the photos to a fetish website. I was not paid for that job. I switched agents shortly after that incident – and that’s how I ended up getting on CSIS:ForensicSWAT! So in a way, I have that Q-Tip snapping perv to thank for my big break.

You seem to be a little clumsy… But that also could be a charming/winning thing. Do you use that to chase after girls ?

SIMONE : No no, my clumsiness is not a gimmick. It’s just 100% real me. Seriously…IS THAT YOUR HAND ON MY LEG?

Don’t you think Buffy is the best series ever ?? Who is your favorite character ? Why ?

SIMONE : Yes, I love Buffy ! I have to go with Willow as my favourite character. She was such an adorable geek for the first three years – and then she was an adorable lesbian geek. Also, the red hair – I have a weakness for redheads.

Now that you’re not a virgin about online dating anymore, do you really think you could find love on the web ? Not afraid anymore about meeting any psycho lesbian ? (The web is full of nice women like me !)

SIMONE :  Well, I certainly resisted online dating at first but now I just see it as opening another window to love, you know, just throwing open your shirt and…I’m sorry, I was distracted by your…you know  your shirt’s undone, right? I can see your –

What are the qualities you’re looking for in a woman ? What are the things you can’t stand in a woman ? (Look at me, am I not the woman of your dreams ?)

SIMONE : – boobs.

Sooo Simone. Here is the end of this interview. Seems that you are still single… Such a shame a beautiful woman like you didn’t find the right person. But fate is a great provider, I’m here and single too… Do you fancy a drink ? (Anyway I give you my phone number, my mail, my facebook and twitter account… And here are my spare keys (Just for you !)… Come whenever you want, I’m already waiting for YOU ! <3 Grrrrr)

Simone:  I am…so flattered that you’d ask, BuffyFan 3927, but I have a really early call tomorrow and – oop! That’s my friend Audrey calling, so I’d uh…better take a raincheck, okay byebyenow.

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