Bloomington : Interview with Actress Sarah Stouffer

Bloomington : Interview de Sarah Stouffer, l'interprète de Jackie

Interview by Univers-L team on November 10th, 2010 for

Bloomington is your first performance on big screens. What seduced you in this character?

Jackie is trying to find out who she is as a person, independent of her past. That was really interesting to me, and I think everyone can identify with that in some way.

Weren’t you afraid of the homosexual relationship between Catherine and Jackie? Did you think that it could have a negative effect on your emerging career?

I wasn’t afraid of the homosexual relationship at all, to be honest, it didn’t even cross my mind. I was worried about the sex scenes and how much they would show…but that would have been a concern regardless of the Teacher’s gender.

Do you feel close to Jackie? You both seem to have a lot in common. How do you see your character? Can you talk about it?

Why do you say we seem to have a lot in common!? Haha. I do feel certain closeness to the character. Jackie is fragile under that harsh exterior.

Have you ever been fascinated by a teacher (male or female)?

Hahaha. I was home schooled. I met with a male teacher once a week from 5th grade until graduation. He was an amazing teacher…that is all.

How did you find the right harmony to show Jackie’s strength and fragility as well?

I will take that to mean I played it well enough for you to get that, so that is good! I don’t know, I just tried to feel what I would be feeling were I in the same situations.

Jackie doesn’t define herself as a lesbian. And her sexuality is not her personality’s most important side in the movie. Did you take account of that when you got ready for the role?

I LOVE that about Jackie…because I think it is so true to life. I don’t know anybody who let’s their sexuality define who they are as a person…it is just a piece of the puzzle that goes toward making an amazing person.

In your opinion, does Jackie realize what sacrifice is made by Catherine when she let her go to live her own life?

I think she understands to some extent, but I do also think Jackie is a little caught up in what is happening in her own life to realize the weight of it all.

Bloomington is Fernanda Cardoso’s first movie; both the script and the direction seem to be totally under control. Can you tell us about her as a director? Did you appreciate to work with her?

Fernanda is an amazing director. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with her on my first film. She was very patient with me, answering all of my “green actor” questions! She keeps the set very professional, knows what she wants and is very diligent about getting it.

Bloomington is your first movie; did Allison McAtee teach you tricks of the trade? How did you manage to bring this chemistry between your two characters?

Allison was awesome! I cannot imagine shooting this with anyone else. She was a constant pillar of strength throughout the process, always there for me if I had character questions or needed advice. It also doesn’t hurt that she was soo fun to hang out with on and off set!

How does it feel to shoot a love scene? The very first time, Jackie looked really scared; but then she seems to be more comfortable with all that. Did you feel the same way as an actress?

It’s funny you say that because the love scenes were all shot way out of order. So the first time that Sarah and Allison kissed was actually at a point in the script where Jackie and Catherine were very comfortable with eachother. I, personally, was pretty comfortable from the start. After we got the first one out of the way it was no big deal.

What did you feel on Bloomington’s shooting? What will you recall?

Shooting Bloomington was the best month of my life to date. It was just an incredible experience from start to finish. We had the best cast and crew ! I felt like I had a little Bloomington Family for a brief moment in time, and it was fabulous !

In a love scene of the movie, as foreplay Jackie whispers the lines of her science fiction’s TV show to Catherine. Was it difficult to play this scene, with a text and an action completely different?

OMG! It was so difficult to do this scene!! I am glad you feel my pain on this! I could not remember my dialogue to save my life! I would love to see the out takes from that day and count how many times I stopped mid make-out to call for my line!

By the way, now you should be ready to write an intergalactic naughty words’ dictionary? Do you think that such an occupational retraining is conceivable?

I couldn’t remember a single one of those lines if you payed me…I tried.

Since Bloomington is released, do you participate to a lot of castings or do you get offers? Can you tell us about your new projects?

I hope so! I hope that my performance warrants some casting director interest!

Sarah Stouffer

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